If your shipped goods contain incorrect goods I will do my best to offer a replacement or a refund.
If you received an incomplete/missing item I will send it right away.

If the shipped items are damaged due to poor shipping handling, I can not offer any refund/exchanges because that is not my responsibility. I do my best to keep the items safe (wrapped in bubble wrap for charms and cardboard backing for prints) but sometimes the post just haphazardly throw packages even with the "PLEASE DONT BEND" sign. There are shipping options that will 100% insure the items' condition.

If the customer typed the wrong address, it will take 3-6 months before it is sent back to me. The customer has to pay for the return fee and the new shipping feefor me to ship it again. If this happened around the month the last quarter of the year, please be patient because there are always shipment delays due to the holiday season.

If the order is lost (given you provided the correct address and name), you get a refund of the product price -10%. Shipping cost will not be refunded.
An order is considered lost if it did not arrive after 5 months since marked as shipped.

Aside from those there are no returns/exchanges.